Courtship: Elephant Courtship behavior includes female standing face to face/ head to head and intertwining trunks with the male. Males are competitive. Elephants are polygynous, which means that male elephant will mate with more than one female elephant. Male elephant are found with female herds when one or more females are in oestrus (horny moments for female elephant). Males will breed with females whether or not the males are in musth (horny moments for male elephant). The male elephant might touch the female’s elephant vulva with his trunk tip then raise his trunk to his mouth, probably to past on the smell to organ.

Elephant Courtship

Mating rituals: Before mating, the elephants may stand head-to head, touching mouths and link/circle trunks and touching one another’s genital areas. The male elephant can also press his chin on the cow’s (female elephant) back or shoulders. The cow may walk away from the bull (male elephant), with the bull following with his trunk on her back until she stops and he mount her. In one observed mating, the male mounted the female from behind, with his forelegs stretched forward on either side of the spine, reaching nearly to the female’s shoulders, and sank on his hind legs until nearly sitting, then slowly raised himself again until the hind legs were nearly straight. After mating the male moved off silently while the female showed some excitement, trumpeting softly, flapping her ears and raising her tail.

Elephant Mating

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