Artificial Insemination

What is involved in the process of Artificial insemination?
Artificial insemination (AI) is the process of how male elephant’s sperm is placed into the reproductive tract of a female elephant for the reason of impregnating the female elephant by using this resource, other than sexual intercourse or NI.
Artificial insemination involves using the deposit (drops) of raw, fresh or frozen semen (sperm) which has been melted. By injecting it into the cervix of the female elephant with a needle and less pump. This process is similar to how fresh semen is replicated and is directly deposited on to the cervix by the penis during vaginal intercourse (sex). Mali was the first elephant that was born using Artificial Insemination in Australia and sucsess.


What are some positive aspects to process?
The positive aspects of Artificial insemination is that it allows genetic material to be use from male elephants, male elephant are separated by distance or time to other male elephant from breeding and fighting over female elephants, able to control the fatherhood of offspring, to be able to give birth, to avoid any injuries during natural mating.

Mali's Ultrasound

What are some negative aspects to process?
The negative aspects of Artificial insemination is that there some Antibiotics (streptomycin) are added to the sperm to prevent some bacterial, venereal and diseases therefore this means if there no Antibiotics to be added to the sperm, there would be bacteria and diseases in the sperm and can affect the female elephant during Artificial insemination. Artificial insemination might not work all the time due to the sperm that was chosen

Frozen Elephant Semen

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